A like Alfa Adwords

As with Fcebook, Amazon and other major players of the digital world, Google is never stagnant, always experiencig, innovating, designing, theorizing, changing, and constantly opening and closing scenes. Even regarding its core business, i.e. the ADS, it is always offering new functions and experimenting with new interfaces for their use. 

"Ads click by message" (, for example, proposes a new ad extension of advertising with the option of sending the advertiser a precompiled sms to request more information, estimation or potentially to make an appointment directly by smartphones. This innovative technique will open the door to future comunicationa and contact, like direct chat using Google tools like Hangout.

 The new interface for the management of adwords represents a clear step towards Google’s Material Design philosophy, where simplicity and clarity become key points for a more facilitated user experience (UX). Even the increasingly widespread use of icons brings into perspective important cross-cultural changes, eliminating the need to translate a link-text (in a call to action standpoint) in one or more languages, relying instead on replacing text with an icon: clear, universally understood and userfriendly. This phenomenon is becoming an important design trend in terms of reducing the quantity of information to be processed by the potential customer.

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