Is your brand over 50 years old? Up to € 120,000.00 outright grants for you

A competitive bid to enhance and revive the historical national brands: micro, small and medium-sized enterprises can obtain a grant for the revival and enhancement of their brand, as long as it is registered with the UIBM or at the EUIPO and filed not later than January 1st, 1967.

The concessions are for the purchase of specialized external services and capital goods for production use inherent to the design of brand promotion which shall cover products/services related to the scope of the trademark protection in relation to the classes of membership of the product/service for which it is registered. 

This development project must provide for the production and commercial exploitation phase of the brand for which concessions are offered up to a maximum of € 65,000.00. This phase includes all specialist advisement activities in the approach to the market that an agency like The Branding Crew is able to offer: design of business strategy, design of marketing and communication activities.

The Historical brands competitive bid was published on December 29th, 2016 by the Ministry of Economic Development with the aim of increasing the value of national brands, highlighting the history and company culture of our country. 

The concessions are granted in the form of capital contribution amounting to a maximum of exactly 80% of eligible expenditure for the acquisition of specialized services and 50% for the purchase of equipment and software.

Interested companies can apply beginning April, 4th 2017.

The resources available amount to € 4,500,000.00 and the maximum amount of facilities per company is € 120,000.00.

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