Google Analytics Evolution

Even Google Analytics is evolving towards a layout like Material Design type (more colors, more simplicity, increased use of icons) and, around this service, solutions of various kinds continue to grow and develop, including data representation. We should, however, considerer the usefulness of an "Analytics" service highlighting the various levels of end-user behavior comprehension.

How many visitors: we should always remember that the "Analytics” tools, starting with Google Analytics, are imperfect (downward) to measure the amount of visitors because of their innate characteristics of analytical measuring devices, so we should need server-side solutions in order to have an accurate statistical picture.

Conversions: thi is an old tool usable on Google Analytics with flux behavior to understand how many (but also in what way) visitors arrive to fill out a form, request an appointment, make a purchase, etc. and then consider their own marketing objective "achieved."

Heat Map: there are several tools to accomplish the heat maps and even Google Analytics, through the convenient Page Analytics plugin for Chrome and through the transformation into colored areas of the top links, offers a heat-maps vision to understand the areas mainly observed by the end-user.

Video: about this this Google is not yet equipped for its Analytics (never say never!), but there are still a variety of online available services - including the best known Mouseflow and Clicktale – that allow, by the application of magical script on the Web page to monitor, to play videos that reproduce the end-users behavior on a given page. This is especially useful in the case of possible usability problems investigations.

Eyetracking: the cost of the "Eye tracking" tools construction, i.e. those tools able to tell through graphs and heat maps where the end-users gaze, is dramatically falling and, although it remains a study strategy for experts and important budget, it is not excluded that it can quickly become an investigative mechanism for anyone who is able to get someone to wear a special smart glass and observe the graphics, the interface or the home page of his communication project.

Case Studies