Google "shoppable" images

Who has never tried to find products to buy and ask for more information about these? Google launches a new feature to allow us to shop even more easly!

Among the results of our research, pictures of "shopping" will also appear shortly: Pinterest style images on which you just point and click to get a list of the available items in that photo. These business tips are called similar items, and in addition to appearing only in Mobile Search and Android Search, they only support limited product categories such as bags, sunglasses and shoes, while clothing, household and garden items will come in the following months.

But let's see together how it works.

Products are analysed and similar objects are selected on the basis of the machine vision to which specific metadata are added to the site in order to enable the related photos to offer such suggestions. We will have to wait the end of the year to see this feature extended to other platforms, meanwhile enjoy your shopping!

Case Studies