The Yandex factor

Yandex is a rapidly expanding Russian company in the field of technological innovation. Not only it is among the few eterprises in the world (in addition to Google, Apple and Baidu) to experience a self-driven car, but through its core business - the search engine - it offers a variety of online services, including the innovative Yandex Taxi (a kind of Uber but technologically more advanced).

 Yandex operates in all geo-politically important countries - Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Turkey . They are all worth of note: Ukraine, for example, is making the fortune of many Italian shoe manufacturing companies; Kazakhstan, which has recorded very high growth rates due to the fact that in terms of natural resources, is among the countries with the world's largest per capita income and that is the main reason for the strong presence of fashion-addicted. 

Like all well-established search engines Yandex - in addition to Google, Bing (always USA), Baidu (China) and Naver (South Korea) - has a sophisticated Webmaster Tool essential to satisfy the request of the Russian giant in terms of correct and natural indexing. 

Metrica is a highly performing Web Analytics tool (for example, it provides heat maps and video reproducing the user behavior) with an english interface that easy to use and to understand. (English language is available for all Yandex tools).

 Direct is the SEM and DISPLAY advertising platform, which allow to reach easly a highly customizable target with both Russian and English ads. 

With these Web Marketing tools, available to search engines, today you can evaluate and promote your brand in a just a click away market!

Case Studies