Augmented Reality VS Virtual Reality

Today we are increasingly talking about Augmented and Virtual Reality, two incredible and revolutionary tools within reach to do business.

 Augmented Reality adds digital content to the real world.

You can create App for areas such as design and even the fashion world. Imagine trying, with the help of the camera of your smartphone, a pair of glasses sitting comfortably on your home sofa or trying to see if that chair is fine or not in the corner of the living room you're framing. An example? The App Place of IKEA. Let's look at how it works:

 Virtual Reality, unlike the Augmented Reality, creates a totally virtual environment that is navigable through a viewer and controller. It allows a real experience of something that has yet to be realized without having to imagine it anymore. The VR is revolutionizing not only the entertainment world, but also areas related to productivity, creativity and business.

Just about architecture, design and real estate in general, the new AR and VR technologies can make the difference by seeing even before they have built a good or a building.

 Look at the development of a project no more on a piece of paper, but totally immerse yourself in an immersive, interactive and highly sensory experience. Not only real estate but also nautical, interior design and hospitality.

 So the choice is yours: Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality? We are already developing App with integrated AR and AR solutions for our customers!

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