Facebook and 2018: a year of opportunity

2018 will have many surprises for the King of the Social Network.

We are already studying them to allow our customers to communicate more quickly, reliably and safely.

Get ready to think mobile-first!

In fact, according to some statistics, of the 30 million Italians who visit the platform every month, about 92% make it do it by mobile. That is why in the months to come Facebook will offer to large companies and SMEs new mobile marketing tools with the goal of creating real communities.

But many innovations will also involve the integration and use of Artificial Intelligence, Chatbot and Virtual Reality, thus facilitating businesses in creating a "tailor-made" advertising, in answering frequently asked questions, in sharing immersive experiences. And who would not want a Messenger Assistant to provide useful information? Business people prepare for so many new opportunities from live video ads to more and more native and immersive formats.

Another important news? Whatsapp Business is the new way of communicating great utility notifications for SMEs.

To find out more http://www.ninjamarketing.it/2017/10/25/facebook-tutte-le-novita-2018-intervista-marco-grossi/

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