A couple of young entrepreneurs who had the idea of creating an online tailor’s shop found us to be the right partner for developing their project and turning it into reality, defining its evolution and positioning strategy.


An integral part of defining the development strategy was the opening of the first shop where Clients could be measured and then easily order their clothes online. The esthetic and functional study carried out  in collaboration

 with the interior design studio made it also possible to convey the Brand through the physical space of the first sales outlet which will provide the blueprint for additional corner–shops and stores in other countries.


The heart of the business model is the website, the engine that drives the business, which Clients can use to configure their garments, choosing from among the many options available and obtaining a direct preview of the result of their choices.

The Clients can save their configurations or make new purchases using the preferences expressed for previous orders changing, for example, just the fabric and other elements but leaving the choices made previously, doing all of this comfortably from their office or on a tablet in an airport lounge.