An Architectural Firm and a prestigious name in the world of international boating called us in to define the Brand image of its design studio that was trying to strengthen its positioning in yachting design as well as to establish itself in the interior design of prestigious private residences.


The previous logo was not very legible because there was no differentiation in the lettering and in the spacing between the words and there was also a lack of balance between the Brand and the subtitle.

Our intervention aimed to re-establish the correct balance and legibility without distorting the image, focusing on the details that made the difference, as can be appreciated from a comparison of the logos.


For a superior name in the world of yachting design we had to devise a project that matched its creativity yet at the same time guaranteed its suitability for a target group of users that was not always digitally oriented. For this reason it was very satisfying to obtain the approval of this Clientele with the first proposal.