Back in 750 B.C. in Tuscany the Etruscans had already proven their inventiveness, in fact, Taitle was the god of ingenuity and it is no coincidence that this was the name we chose for our brand.

Tuscany, and Florence in particular, is still known for the skill of its craftsmen who are able to create luxury goods that are widely sought-after the world over.


Craftsmanship and luxury meet technology in this new project in which we have been involved from the early stages, from the suggestion of the name to the choice of the logo and the researching of all the instruments of communication.


The study of the visual identity of this line of products involved a careful examination of the formats, types of construction of the boxes, choice of materials and printing finishes, allowing us to realize packaging that was in tune with the desired positioning of the Brand and actually offered a preview of the allure and prestige of the object itself, before even touching the product.