This Company was established in 2013 and contacted our Agency for the opening of their first period residence, PALAZZO GUICCIARDINI, for which we developed the Brand, the coordinated image and the website.

In 2015, with the opening of a second period residence in Florence and a project to open other structures in various Italian leisure destinations, we suggested creating a chain image designed to cover the individual structures and a website to present the destinations and the residences or hotels.

With the opening in 2016 of the second residence, PALAZZO ROSELLI CECCONI, and the announcement of the opening at the end of 2017 of a boutique hotel on the Canal Grande in Venice, we launched the new website and the new coordinated image.


Thanks to a well-consolidated experience in the hospitality sector, we created the chain’s coordinated corporate image and the coordinated image of the individual structures, taking into account all the various areas, from the reception to the communal spaces and the bedrooms.

Our obsessive attention to detail led us to carefully choose the paper and printing techniques used in order to coherently communicate the Brand positioning we wished to pursue.


With the birth of the chain we suggested and designed a multi-structure website in order to communicate the chain Brand, thus maximizing the individual structures and, at the same time, offering a cross-selling opportunity between the residences today and the destinations in the future.

As with all the websites we realize, before preparing the graphic project and developing the website itself, we carried out a careful analysis of the proposals of potential competitors and our Client’s positioning objectives in order to present a graphic project and a site map that would combine the image with the usability and objectives of the Client.

For over five years we have been designing websites with responsive design technology that, in this case, offers a navigation experience that makes it possible to immerge oneself in the buildings and the bedrooms as though in a virtual visit with all the information necessary to hand in a maximum of three clicks.