The Company was established over 50 years ago by the founder after whom it was named and who continues to work today shoulder to shoulder with his son in the management of this Florentine firm which specializes in 

the  production of classic furniture. The Company contacted us when it decided to “change skin” and move from the image of a craft Company to a “Brand” that would be recognizable in its own market segment.


In the course of our 3 year journey we have overturned the Company’s image, starting with the VITTORIO GRIFONI brand which we have interpreted using 2 logos, a corporate and a product logo; another reason for this was that, over the years, the Company had created a new brand (ARKEOS), and had acquired a third brand (BBELLE ITALIA) plus, in the course of our activities, we also developed a fourth brand (GHD GRIFONI HOME DESIGN). We associated a pay-off with the new VITTORIO GRIFONI logo in order not to betray its origins and to maximize its essence, “ARTIGIANI A FIRENZE DAL 1957-Craftsmen in Florence since 1957”.


The realization of the new catalogue was a complex and important project: the history of the Company is enclosed within its over 200 pages alongside the products which are 

presented in ambients created ad hoc in the studio, as well as individually: this was to permit a dual use of the catalogue - as an image tool as well as a sales tool.


The new responsive website presents the revamped brand image and the collections in an elegant and sophisticated manner.