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Rizzardi, a well-known italian brand  has entrusted our branding agency with the aim of strengthening its positioning.


We did it through a complete strategy, from the analysis of the brand to the creation of a new image declined in online and offline communication tools.


The new Yacht Experiencepayoff that encompasses the entire Rizzardi world is also the result of this collaboration. A shipyard that offers the Owners not just unique yachts, but real experiences to live. In fact, there are more than 120 customization options for bespoke creations.

The corporate visual identity was developed following the definition of a color palette containing a particular shade of blue, different from the competitors' one, and a strong and dynamic color such as yellow. A totally unexpected combination that gives character to the brand without weighing it down.

A choice that looks forward provocatively by becoming the spokesman of an increasingly marked innovation, as the launch of the new open sport line wants to represent.


A new life to the brand’s online image was given! With its responsive and mobile-friendly graphic layout, this site is now perfectly in line with the objectives and strategies of the shipyard as well as being technologically competitive. Compared to the previous website, the graphic restyling allows a real immersion in the Rizzardi world, translating the peculiarities of the brand into a high-performance navigation experience.



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Social Media

Elegance and cleanliness. These are the words of rodin that guided the development of a strategy to build a coherent and effective social image. The result is a homogeneous feed in which evocative images alternate with emotional and adrenaline videos. This results not only in a new visual identity, but also in a renewed tone of voice to give even more energy to a brand that has it to sell.



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Our intervention was decisive not only in this decisive change of image, but also in communication. A new product campaign in both magazine and outdoor. The new INfive dominates the sea with the safety of who only a true Rule Breaker can have.

Digital branding

The new website has given new life to the brand's online image. The particular color scheme of the images is the characterizing element that gives uniqueness. With a responsive and mobile-friendly graphic layout, this site is now perfectly in line with the shipyard's objectives and strategies as well as being technologically competitive.


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