Who we are

Branding and Digital is our identity. Florence and Milan are our homes. Design, Hospitality, Food & Wine, Lifestyle and Yachting our specialties. The mass market doesn’t belong to us and we don’t identify with terms like template or standard because every brand is unique. Our mission is to help businesses discover, cultivate and grow their brands. We do it both offline and online, via the web and social media so our clients reach their niche market on an international scale. We have never been so close and yet so far.

Who are we?
The method

The method

We don’t design logos, we don’t create layouts for brochures, we don’t develop websites and we don’t communicate on social media. That’s the next step. First, we analyze the values and strengths of the brand and business. Then we work with the client to explore how to reach predetermined goals. Every strategy is bespoke and reflects the brand’s core.


Brand Advisory

We work alongside the Company in making the most important decisions, providing highly qualified services for defining the identity of the brand, improving awareness of the same and strengthening the Brand Equity.

We start with an analysis of the specific brand assets and a precise definition of the Brand objectives in order to devise a coherent communication strategy that respects the Company’s resources and abilities.

  • brand advisory
  • potential analysis
  • brand strategy
  • brand positioning
  • strategic marketing plan

Corporate Branding

We translate the values of the Brand into a Company image that is capable of communicating these values in a clear and concise manner.

The definition of the logo, the characters, the institutional colors, a recognizable photographic style and a suitable tone of voice contribute to creating the Company image.

  • naming
  • logo design
  • corporate identity
  • company profile

Product Branding

In order to promote and communicate the products and services offered by our Clients, we share strategic marketing plans with them for the development of advertising campaigns, catalogues, brochures, and we also study the packaging and visuals that match the product.

Storytelling is an integral part of product branding because it is essential to be able to portray your content in an original way that is appropriate to the target group and in tune with the desired positioning, whilst also using the most cutting edge instruments of digital communication.

  • naming
  • logo design
  • storytelling
  • packaging
  • below the line
  • advertising
  • retail & fair branding

Digital Branding

Our internal web agency guarantees the efficiency of a single point of contact for both offline and online communication activities. Moreover, the custom-tailored approach has the ability to intensify the concept of the ‘corporate image’.

The know-how acquired through work on complex projects such as configuration and multi-channel e-commerce ensures excellent results for our Clients. Seemingly simple websites can be enriched with ad hoc solutions for customer loyalty marketing as well as the Company's services such as CRM or online project management software.

  • web responsive design
  • dynamic web development
  • e-commerce
  • mobile app

Social Media Marketing

The initial analysis and defining objectives allow us to create an editorial plan and produce any type of content according to your specific needs: photo, video, graphics.

Owing to our native speakers, we promise our Clients storytelling in Italian, English and Russian languages, as well as daily media coverage, the management of all paid search campaigns, continuous monitoring of data and sending out quarterly reports.

  • full service management
  • storytelling
  • graphic content creation
  • daily monitoring
  • crisis management
  • advertising
  • reporting

Online Marketing

The Brand’s online reputation must be regularly monitored to verify the achievement of the objectives of the positioning strategy, to measure sentiment, to assess trends and the target audience, and to research for the right set of strategic keywords.

Further to SEO activities on major search engines like Google, Yandex and Baidu we provide Brand Awareness and Product Branding email marketing services and create pay-per-click campaigns to promote the Brand of our Clients.

  • brand reputation
  • web marketing
  • content marketing
  • digital advertising
  • email marketing
  • reporting

Photo & 3D

Extreme care and precision are used in producing all the images and renderings right from the planning stage, starting with the choice of the professionals used right up to the creative direction by our staff, in order to give the Client the pure pleasure of admiring the end result.

  • art direction
  • photo production
  • post-production
  • 3d rendering
  • 3d video


Today, more than ever, videos are some of the best communication tools also thanks to the advent of social media that offers even Companies that are unable to plan television commercials the chance to communicate through videos.

Every video project is included within a strategy that is devised and realized under our direction by the most suitable professionals and in accordance with an approved storyboard.

  • art direction
  • storytelling
  • storyboard development
  • video & spot production