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Creativity, dedication, passion, research and innovation. These are just some of the characteristics that define the soul of LUCA DINI Design & Architecture, a studio where Architecture and Design become one, leaving unmistakable marks in the Ultra-high Luxury world at sea, in the sky and on land.


We have been collaborating with this company for eight years to chart a new course, but one that has been seen before. Our agency is the guiding star that strategically leads this company towards consistency, recognizability and the achievement of medium and long-term objectives.


Strength and positivity are the result of in-depth preliminary analyses and targeted communication strategies, including a major rebranding effort, which have contributed to strengthening and enhancing the brand image over the years.





Superyachts are in our DNA and they are at the core of a new Ultra-Luxury Destination. From masterplan to interiors, we designed Sindalah, the first island of Neom, coming soon in the Red Sea.


A new advertising campaign to tell the design of an entire island. From the vision, through the masterplan and all the architectures, to the interior design, the studio has created Sindalah, the exclusive destination of Neom on the Red Sea designed and designed to become the new Ultra-Luxury Superyacht Destination.


Sindalah becomes a magnet able to attract all the superyachts in the world: that’s how land and sea come together.

A collaboration resulting in advertising campaigns that identify LUCA DINI Design & Architecture and its philosophy. All with one goal: to tell the story of how, within the studio, land and sea become one.


The latest campaign is a true emblem of this, focusing on a unique project: from the vision, through the masterplan and all the architectures, to the interior design, the studio has created Sindalah, the exclusive destination of Neom on the Red Sea designed and designed to become the new Ultra-Luxury Superyacht Destination.

30 years of superyachths, one book only

30 years of superyachts could not be left out of the pages of a book that told the most significant projects. A limited edition printed book dedicated to the projects that have made the history of Italian boating, those that made the studio and its clients dream. From the layout, the selection of images to the format and the choice of the exclusive natural paper, our web agency has studied every single detail to make the idea, to the touch and the view, of that unmistakable elegance signed LUCA DINI Design & Architecture.

Social Media

In a world where videos and images reign supreme, it was important to find an original style, capable of telling the story of the Studio through its projects and achievements. The result is an elegant and refined design feed. Social communication thus becomes a journey through images and words in the fascinating world of the studio where land and sea merge.


The direct management of campaigns allows us to always have new confirmation of how much what has been studied and developed for the brand is effective in terms of brand awareness and lead generation.



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The website we have created for LUCA DINI Design & Architecture is entirely new. It is a project that embodies the unique philosophy of a studio where architecture and design seamlessly merge.


Black and white dominate consistently with the new brand image, which aims to tell not only the studio's story but also those of Shipowners and Clients through the two main sections, Design and Architecture.


With simple, intuitive, and effective navigation, this website allows users to fully immerse themselves in these two worlds of ideas, projects, and unique realizations.


A comprehensive platform designed to astonish and engage, even from mobile devices.






A new advertising campaign to express in a few words the quintessence of the Studio. Uniqueness is the watchword.

Design and Architecture become one thing while maintaining their strong and distinctive character. The text is almost an accessory to this striking image with a strong evocative power. A campaign based on visual synthesis, unique and particular that reflects the avant-garde spirit that characterizes the Studio.

Logo Restyling

A new logo was the first step in this rebranding process. The previous brands of Luca Dini Design and LDA Luca Dini Associati have found space in a unique graphic representation able to describe the two souls of the brand.

A stylistic solution that focuses on simplicity in a memorable visual synthesis. Essential lines and a striking black and white, leitmotiv of the whole brand image.

Brand Advisory

July 2019, LUCA DINI Design & Architecture was born in Florence, a studio where the energies of Luca Dini Design, an internationally known studio for the design of Superyacht, and the LDA architecture studio Luca Dini Associati converge.  

A choice dictated by the desire to reflect also in the name the farsighted vision of what is called innovation understood as the evolution of two souls in a single brand evocative and projected towards the future.

The Studio has entrusted to us the rebranding and communication through a new logo, a new color combination in which black and white alternate in a new contrast in the industry, a completely new site and a new strategy that also includes an advertising campaign and an important social advertising presence on Instagram to better express this union between Architecture and Design.