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Social media

Teunta Maryamado, in the heart of Tuscany, perfectly combines nature, quality of its products and human value. He asked for our support to improve his brand image on social channels. We did this through a careful analysis of positioning and developing a strategy that takes into account Social Media Marketing and Content Strategy. 


The tone of voice is definitely in line with the spirit of the brand that loves to emphasize its strong connection with the surrounding nature. The content created is also part of the new way of communicating: fascinating and engaging.


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Influencer Marketing

As part of an innovative activation campaign, three food influencers, Diletta Secco, Sebastian Fitarau, and Aurora Cavallo, joined journalist Adua Villa in the 2023 olive harvest at Tenuta Maryamado. The group explored the estate's unique areas, which have undergone a profound process of agricultural and architectural regeneration.


The influencers created Reels sharing their experiences at the estate. Additionally, they produced a second Reel where they prepared a traditional Tuscan dish using the estate's extra virgin olive oil. Adua Villa's participation is part of a broader storytelling process that will unfold over the next year.


We managed all organizational and planning aspects of the campaign, from contacting the talent management agency to coordinating activities at the estate and creating content briefs.



Tenuta Maryamado is both nature and innovation in the heart of Tuscany. A pristine reality that needed to be told through words and images that described its uniqueness. This need has resulted in a new website responsive, fast and user friendly that, together with a shop designed ad hoc by our agency, nothing but the extreme synthesis of the highest quality, the strong brand identity and the deep bond with the territory of the estate.



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