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Content production

Casa Noble  has given to our branding agency an ambitious challenge: to enlighten a European audience about the refined consumption of tequila, rewriting the stereotype of a hard liquor used in shots to one that's designed for fancy cocktails.
It is the ideal companion for discovery, socialisation, and sharing.
And so our communication strategy is based on brand storytelling: with great pride in its Latin origins, Casa Noble stands out for its uncompromising production process and emphasis on sustainability, expertly supervised by a seventh-generation master tequilero.
The first phase of the collaboration included a careful analysis of pre-existing photo and video material, colour corrected with a single chromatism in yellow and green tones. Immediately afterwards, photoshoots were set in different locations, all “Made in Italy”, but able to offer an international and cosmopolitan look & feel in the spirit of the brand.
The result is lifestyle-focused and iconic social media communication which reflects the brand's payoff: #SipLife.


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