We wanted to give an innovative touch to a logo that since 1828 is constantly evolving as the Company it represents. A metallic color to give style and elegance and a re-evaluation of the spaces for a new balance with the aim of increasing the communicative power of the Brand without losing recognition. To reinforce this new image we have created a new payoff that wants to  highlight three fundamental values: the Italian character, the historicity and the exclusivity of the products.

Product branding

A new catalog for Bespoke Kitchens, one of the line of this leading company in the production of unique and exclusive kitchens, synonymous with elegance and functionality. From the choice of the products to the layout, we have taken care of every single detail of this communication tool, aligning it with the new image of the Brand and completely deviating from the previous version.

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For the design of the De Manincor stand at Eurocucina 2018 we studied a perfect mix&match in which the creativity of Luca Dini met the foresight of De Manincor, giving life to a unique and revolutionary product. The nautical world has so contaminated by the one of professional kitchens in a result beyond all expectations. Black walls and minimal settings to have all eyes focused on it.



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