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Content Production

An ambitious goal: to communicate the new positioning.

From all of this, the need arose to produce photos and videos to renew the image of Toscana Resort Castelfalfi. Every month, we organized on-site shooting sessions where, together with the client, we ensured that we created material that was conceived, shot, and filmed with a unique and recognizable style.

The goal for Toscana Resort Castelfalfi’s online marketing was ambitious: to communicate the project’s new standing, now geared towards a sophisticated and affluent international clientele.
Our social media agency has elevated our data-driven approach to be rigorously state-of-the-art, so much so that we can say that every decision we have made for the brand's social media communication has always originated from numbers, data, and objective information. This methodological choice then took the form of careful initial competitive and strategic analysis, which in turn gave rise to a new, high-profile brand image. All subsequent actions were derived from this – from monthly PEDs to ad campaigns – and always as the result of data-driven choices implemented in continuous communication with the client.