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Social Media Marketing

In the world of wine being unique and recognizable is a challenge, especially online.  Castello di Monsanto, excellence of the Chianti Classico, has relied on our social media agency to strengthen its social image by deviating from stereotypes and making it more emotional.

This has been translated into a strategy that starts from a value and product storytelling and leads to the production of original photo and video content designed for social channels. All this in a new feed clean and elegant design and in a structured editorial calendar to give space to individual content proposing them in a particular logic of triplets and stories. 

In just one month the results were amazing, especially considering the high engagement rate.




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A classic soul calling to be shared with a new, contemporary approach. Thus Castello di Monsanto’s new website was conceived, designed to impress the user with high-speed performance and, in particular, the content choice which was developed as the focal point of a layout innovative for the world of wine. Photos and videos stand out against a black background, creating an atmosphere of being completely immersed in this special place and a part of the history of Chianti Classico.

The User Experience is completed by a virtual aerial tour of the vineyards and a virtual tour of the wine cellar.