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Poggio al Tesoro, born in 2001 from the love of Marilisa Allegrini for the territory of Bolgheri, is the expression of a truly unique excellence in the world of wine. Fast, dynamic and impactful, the new site leaves no room for imagination. Environment sounds and effects designed ad hoc make the navigation experience truly unique, bringing the user on the coast of Maremma and making him enjoy the authentic flavor of Italian lifestyle.


In addition to the design and development of the intuitive, usable and fully responsive structure, we have created all its contents that have been expertly combined with surprisingly dynamic effects


Every graphic aspect has in fact been taken care of in every detail to make its unconventional aspect perceived, far from any stereotype. The timeline inside is an example. A cypress marks, year after year, the most important events of this fascinating history. Almost as if I wanted to retrace, in some way, the iconic avenue of Bolgheri.


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