Amazon GO brings consumers out from home

Amazon Go is the new Amazon store/supermarket (currently in beta version only for Amazon employees in Seattle) that, since the early months of 2017 in Seattle, will push their customers to go out from their homes.

Simple and stunning: no cashiers, no cashboxes and therefore no queue.

This video, released just a few days ago, quickly became viral. See how it works: the client, entering the Amazon Go store, will be recognized by scanning the QR code generated by the App. Therafter it's all very simple: you will take all you need and exit having been instantly charged to your credit card.


Questo sistem

This system, implemented by Amazon, is able to track what has been taken or put back in place by adding or deleting it from the virtual "shopping cart" using revolutionary machine learning, computer vision and sensors.

However there are many who argue that the system, as is shown, may not be very stable: in fact, the tags in radio frequency do not work (except at a distance of 2 mm) if applied on cans or containers with liquids or materials containing at least a 70% of water.

We just need to wait the first months of 2017 when the project will come out of beta version and be available to all. What is clear is that the distribution’s future passes from here.

Case Studies