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Product branding

In the 2016/2017 Custom Line’s campaign the protagonist is the new born Navetta 37 meters,      the Ferretti Group fleet’s flagship.

In conseguence with the previous campaign, we wanted to strengthen the message about personalization by ""framing"" the ship-owner and his partner surrounded by their creation.


A FRAME OF YOU is in fact the campaign’s headline.


More and more often the ship-owner’s ""better half"" plays a crucial role in the choice of yacht details. This gives Custom Line the opportunity of emphasizing its ability in the interior personalization, satisfying each customer's request.


The campaign of our marketing agency has been developed over a double-page and over a single page and has been planned on the main international sector publications and extra-sector lifestyle.

Product branding

 The Client’s requirement was to affirm the brand positioning in the semi-custom-made, over 30-meter Fiber-glass Yacht market segment, a highly competitive market where the main competitors’ advertising campaigns tend to focus on the product, highlighting the lines of the Yachts, an element which, unlike in other sectors, does not make the Brand particularly recognizable. Our analysis of the market and various competitors led us to propose a campaign in which the product played a marginal role and instead the owner was at the center of the message, since customization is a service directly linked to the Client.

The campaign headline “YACHTS THAT REFLECT YOU” plays on the visuals with a double meaning that conveys the maximum expression of the personalization of the individual Yachts. The visual element consists of two images in order to communicate two product lines at the same time directed towards two different styles of the owner. The photos were taken for us by a famous international fashion photographer in order to offer a more glamorous image that this sector was lacking. The campaign was developed on a double and single page spread for the main international yacht and luxury lifestyle publications.


Logo Design

In order to communicate the Brand’s first anniversary, we created a celebratory “20th anniversary” logo to accompany all the communication activities for the whole 2016/2017 nautical year.


We used the institutional colors of the CUSTOM LINE brand. The strokes and fonts aimed to recall the solidity of the shipyard despite it being younger than its competitors.

Corporate Branding

In 2016 the Ferretti Group’s youngest brand is 20 years old, an anniversary to be celebrated but difficult to communicate in a sector where some competitors can vaunt anniversaries marking over a hundred years in the business.

We decided to aim for a simple yet important concept, the quality of time; in fact, in the history of a company it is not the number of years that counts but what has been achieved in that period of time.

The campaign headline is “TIME IS ALWAYS IMPORTANT FOR US. ESPECIALLY TODAY”, to which visuals have been added showing the image of a forty-year-old man wearing a tuxedo with a few wrinkles already in evidence, wrinkles that are the result of twenty years of experience.

The campaign was developed over a single page spread for the main international yacht and luxury lifestyle publications.